Globalization is by and large seen as the increasing economic integrating of the universe. It besides affects the universe politically and culturally. It connotes the thought of interconnection and the growing of the universe market. It is arguably merely made possible due to the progresss made in engineering, easiness of travel and inexpensive labor. It means that there is a shared planetary civilization which some argue is merely a signifier of Americanisation or Westernisation. Capital can travel far more freely across the universe boundary lines than in past times and this can be linked to Ohmae ‘s ( 1990 ) borderless universe theory. Another cardinal mind to advert when discoursing Globalisation is George Ritzer ( 1993 ) who ‘s Theory of McDonaldization, describes the manner that the universe markets and commercialism are going fast, non homo, and efficient like that of the McDonald fast nutrient concatenation nutrients are.

Neo-Colonialism is a term coined by critics of the station imperial universe. They claim that neo-colonialism is a modern signifier of colonialism build upon from the 16h to 19th century imperium provinces. Colonialism is, “ the political control, physical business and domination of people over another people and their land for intents of extraction and colony to profit the residents ” ( Crawford 2002:131 ) . The premise of neo colonialism is that the western states, in the northern domain of the universe working the development states for their resources, goods and services instead than assisting them to develop. Neo-colonialism is related to the economic or political influence ( or both ) that one state holds over another. It is seen as a signifier of economic imperialism. An illustration today of neo-colonialism could be seen in the relationship between the Gallic and the leaders of its past settlements in Africa. The term, Francafrique relates to the positive relation between the two provinces but can besides be used by critics in depicting the inequality still between the two states since decolonization of the African parts.

Whilst there are many similarities between the two thoughts such as economic growing and the demand for laterality in the part, there are besides cardinal differences. There are assorted ways to near globalisation. By and large one looks at the hyper globalist, the regionalist and the sceptic. A hyper globalist would reason that the globalisation procedure is complete and therefore state province power has been eroded go forthing planetary powers in charge. Global markets are seen to hold taken the topographic point of political relations and hence people are less concerned with political relations itself. It is agreed that there are both victors and also-rans in the planetary economic system. However Neo-colonialism seems to be concerned with the political instability of the country in inquiry and how the stronger state or province can act upon the less powerful, normally underdeveloped one.

A regionalist is more doubting than a hyper globalist. They believe that there is an outgrowth of powerful international parts, which will vie against each other instead than coming together as a planetary civilization. Regionalisation contains the thought that globalization will do the outgrowth of radicalism or aggressive patriotism. This seems to co-occur with the neo-colonialist position. However regionalists believe it will non take to the beginning of a planetary civilization. To a regionalist, the globalization procedure is an ideological mode instead than a fact ensuing from economic and technological alterations.

The skeptics merely think that globalization is non a new phenomenon and that people are merely interested in the term going an political orientation and a cant.

Whilst many argue that globalization causes more jobs than it solves, it can be said that along with free markets and free trade, globalization in developing states is the best manner to crush poornesss. It besides increases the net incomes in western states along with general prosperity. Businesss in the globalised market are forced to vie amongst those it may non hold had to in the yesteryear, which means that the consumer is more likely to be better off. A large benefit of globalization is the fact that there can be a more efficient allotment of resources due to the comparative advantage that some states hold in bring forthing certain goods and services. This means that they can specialize and so trade with other states. Another positive consequence is that the cultural exchange is non merely one sided. In 2002 China was the 3rd largest exporter of cultural goods, which shows that it is non merely the West that is holding a large impact on the universe.

The characteristics of neo-colonialism that are similar to globalization would propose it is a euphemism in many ways to globalization. Another cardinal thought from both theories is that of the Dependency Theory. Originally put frontward by Karl Marx it explains that the less developed states on the fringe of the underdeveloped universe will finally be dominated by the Western 1s, who will utilize its resources for its ain economic addition. Thus these states will be dependent on the developed 1s.

Another similar characteristic of the two are the trade blocks that have now emerged in the universe. These blocks are chiefly the West, the USA and the E, China and other eastern states organizing a block together. They believe that if they trade in big groups or as a whole that they are stronger together. This is the thought behind colonization that shared resources make for better trade. However with this besides comes the possibility of development. Schotle ( 2005:46 ) defines globalization as, “ de-territorialization – or aˆ¦ the growing of supraterritorial dealingss between people ” . This implies that there seems to be a of deficiency of acquisition of physical district with globalisation which was antecedently associated straight to the battle by the western imperium powers to colonize the universe. So neo-colonialism is concerned with deriving district and power whilst others argue that globalization is truly more to make with interconnection and international mutuality.

Other issues such as security of planetary communities seem to associate states together now and this could be said to be a signifier of globalization. Where as in times of colonization in the 18th and nineteenth century, security and personal involvement of the province were built-in to maintaining the settlement strong. Now with the jobs of planetary terrorist act and multinational groups assailing other states or administrations abroad, security is more a shared duty with different administrations in states sharing information and engineering with each other. There are a assortment of, “ informal webs of cooperation between parallel authorities bureaus in different states, from the Financial Action Task Force ( which brings together authorities experts on money-laundering from different states ) and the Dublin Group ( which brings together drug enforcement bureaus from the EU, USA and other states ”

Ultimately when discoursing whether or non Globalisation is a euphemism for Neo-colonialism, one must foremost specify the

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