Freedom to Comment

            I have worked as part of a team several times in my life. Working in such a manner is sometimes necessitated by the different circumstances one finds himself in, such as school or work. In all such instances, one needs to conform to the group in order to blend in and belong therein. Failure to do so could expose the non-complying member to a sanction or negative consequence.

            In one’s professional life, he can also feel the pressure to conform to a group’s decision, even if such decision violates his personal ethics. I have experienced one instance in my life where I felt such compulsion to conform.

            In one of my first jobs as a teenager, I happened to meet certain co-employees who were dishonest in the performance of their duties. Some would report at work late but would sign the attendance form as though they came on time, while some snuck out food and other items owned by our employer.

            Such dishonest acts were very much against my moral principles. Thus, I struggled with myself because I felt I needed to maintain my principles and be honest to my employer. On the other hand, there is a pressure for me to maintain my silence because of fear of isolation from my group mates or co-employees. In this instance, I really felt like an invisible grip was limiting my freedom to comment.

            In the end, my principles won. I reported the dishonest practices of my co-employees to our employer, which led to their removal from their jobs. I earned their anger because of my exercise of my freedom to comment. Nevertheless I don’t regret having done what I did because it made me proud of myself.

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