My front-runner topic in school is English. It is rather easy and pleasant to analyze it. English is used in each field of life and it is utile to cognize it.

Most of web sides are in English. It is nice to be able to utilize such a sides like yokel. msn and English Wikipedia. I can acquire a batch of information and intelligence. which are non available on Polish sides.

Following asset: I can utilize English books and magazines. Sometimes I like to download e-books and magazines in pdf. It is efficaciously manner to analyze English in place.

Using English I can pass on with many peoples. I can utilize Skype and ICQ to speak and chew the fat and acquire new contacts.

I can utilize many applications and play games. I have used Windows XP and Office for two months and it was rather easy.

Most of films are in English. I like to watch them without captions. If I can I ever switch the Polish dubbing off? I hate it.

The last advantage to cognize English is I can speak with all people speaking English. This holidays when I was in Gdansk person asked all people: Make you talk English Everybody talked No and Nie wiem o carbon monoxide chodzi. When she came to me and asked the inquiry Do you talk English? ? I could state? Yes. how can I assist you? ? She told? How can I acquire to the coach station? ? I told? Can you see this edifice? The station is behind it. Please travel this manner? . She smiled to me and walked off. I was happy that I could assist.

As you can see English is utile in life. All of us study it in mundane state of affairss and activities. The linguistic communication is rather simple and logic. I use it all the clip. This is why I like English and it is my favorite topic in school.

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