On-Line Vs. Traditional Learning

1. I agree that on-line classes are gaining more popularity among students as they provide financial, time management, and studying process benefits. Simply saying, on-line classes are challenging traditional learning. Actually, school becomes really a routine when you do the same things everyday during many years, and cyber class offer new and fresh solution to the problem – to study at any time, which is convenient for you. However, I agree with my classmate that cyber-classes needs involvement as well as traditional classes. For example, traditional classes offer face-to-face interactions and sometimes it is easier to explain in words what you mean rather then in written form. So, cyber-class lacks direct communication and sometimes can’t satisfy social needs. I am also a person who prefers direct communication rather than through screen, but sometimes I feel I waste more time with traditional classes. The positive moment is that distance learning offers ability to set convenient time schedule, and ability to keep part-time as well as full-time job at the same time. These issues are important for me.

2. I agree that there are pros and cons of each teaching process: either on-line or traditional courses. On-line learning may seem easy and effective way of education, though, for example, internet expenses and connection breaches cause problems. Many people found on-line course an effective way to expand business and to devote more time to themselves and families because distance learning gives an opportunity to save time, to be not confined to classroom and to certain number of studying hours, to set convenient time schedule, etc. Moreover, on-line learning provides better access to learning possibilities and opportunities; life long learning due to wider range of studying courses; wider choice of learning institutions; ability to be involved into interactive teamwork between students’ groups i.e. ability to correspond with other students from different parts of the world; and ability to communicate with instructors through e-mail, chat rooms, telephone, etc – better educational experience. However, traditional learning promotes the open exchange of ideas, and provides interactive classroom.


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