Support activities assist the primary activities in assisting the administration achieve its competitory advantage. They include: Procurement: This section must beginning natural stuffs for the concern and obtain the best monetary value for making so. The challenge for procurance is to obtain the best possible quality available ( on the market ) for their budget. Technology development: The usage of engineering to obtain a competitory advantage is really of import in today’s technological driven environment.

Technology can be used in many ways including production to cut down cost therefore add value. research and development to develop new merchandises and the cyberspace so clients have 24/7 entree to the house. Human resource direction: The administration will hold to enroll. train and develop the right people for the administration to be successful. Staff will hold to be motivated and paid the ‘market rate’ if they are to remain with the administration and add value. Within the service sector such as the air hose industry. employees are the competitory advantage as clients are buying a service. which is provided by employees ; there isn’t a merchandise for the client to take away with them.

Firm substructure: Every administrations needs to guarantee that their fundss. legal construction and direction construction work expeditiously and helps drive the administration frontward. Ineffiecient substructure is godforsaken resources. could impact the firm’s repute and even go forth it unfastened to mulcts and countenances.


Inbound logistics: Refers to goods being obtained from the organisation’s providers and to be used for bring forthing the terminal merchandise. Operationss: Raw stuffs and goods are manufactured into the concluding merchandise. Value is added to the merchandise at this phase as it moves through the production line. Outbound logistics: Once the merchandises have been manufactured they are ready to be distributed to distribution Centres. jobbers. retail merchants or clients. Distribution of finished goods is known as outbound logistics.

Selling and Gross saless: Selling must do certain that the merchandise is targeted towards the right client group. The selling mix is used to set up an effectual scheme. any competitory advantage is clearly communicated to the mark group through the promotional mix. Servicess: After the product/service has been sold what support services does the administration offer clients? . This may come in the signifier of after gross revenues developing. warrants and guarantees. With the above activities. any or a combination of them are indispensable if the house are to develop the “competitive advantage” which Porter negotiations about in his book.

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